Blood Orange Agua Fresca with Chia & Mint

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Taking my second sick day from work this week, on account of a seemingly unending supply of respiratory slime my poor body is currently playing host to. I am hoarse, and hurty, and my throat itches. On the bright side, I’m binge watching The Office (hello, old friend), and have made loads of improvements to the blog in my forced downtime. Huzzah! Hope you like it. I still find the maintenance side of blogging extremely cumbersome and frustrating at every step, so I’m celebrating yesterday’s small victories: a new theme that is not fraught with bugs/non-existent support, better recipe card functionality, and (my fave!) a much prettier new header. Maybe next time I’m home sick I’ll dive into a sweet visual recipe index!

blood orange chia agua frsca with mint

Oh right! Blood oranges are everywhere this time of year, and they’re crazy on sale. If you have not already done so, run don’t walk to your nearest grocer and pick up a bag (or crate). I get so excited about blood oranges- probably mostly because of their intriguing color, which I can’t resist. They do taste a bit different from orange-oranges, less sweet, a bit more tart, but not bitter like a grapefruit. But that color, though. Swoon.

Here, in one of many pathetic attempts to invoke sunshine and woo into existence warmer weather, and perhaps to say “Bye Felicia” to this rainy season, is a blood orange agua fresca with chia seeds and mint. Surprisingly, it failed to bring about any sort of seasonal change, but it was refreshing and tasty and downed in about 45 seconds flat once photographed.

blood orange chia agua frsca with mint

Below is my recipe for one happy agua fresca- scale it up as you please! We should, collectively and in protest, drink as many of these as possible if we want to be taken seriously. 

Blood Orange Agua Fresca with Chia and Mint
Serves 1
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Prep Time
15 min
Prep Time
15 min
  1. 1/2 c. freshly squeezed blood orange juice (about 4 blood oranges)
  2. 1 c. water
  3. 5 fresh mint leaves, plus extra for garnish
  4. 1 T. chia seeds
  5. ice
  1. Combine juice, water, and mint leaves in blender. Blend until mint is finely chopped. Pour into a glass and stir in the chia seeds. Chill in refrigerator for 10 minute to allow seeds to gel.
  2. Before serving stir to break up chia seeds, add ice, and garnish with a sprig of mint.


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