Fool-Proof Thanksgiving Gravy from Drippings

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Memorize this simple formula for chicken or turkey gravy from drippings and you’ll never have a gravy-emergency again! 

perfect thanksgiving gravy from drippings

You’ve done it: you’ve roasted the most picturesque, succulent chicken or turkey. Don’t let those savory drippings go to waste! Gravy from drippings is the best tasting gravy since the flavors have just spent hours developing and caramelizing in the oven- you just can’t get that from a jar or packet. And guess what! It’s just as easy. You’re just a few steps and a few minutes away from the perfect gravy.


Moist and Sweet Buttermilk Cornbread


heavenly cornbreadThis is going to be a short post today as I’m feeling under the weather, and as today seems to be just made for napping.  For my third and last post for the week I’m sharing with you a sweet and heavenly buttermilk cornbread recipe that graced my meals three times this week- twice with my Late Summer Zucchini Corn Soup, and once all slathered up with a chorizo sausage gravy, which I must remember to share with you sometime. This cornbread is begging to complement all of your soups this fall/winter.