First Post!

I am Kirsten, and I am a bona fide introvert. Like, hard, legit, completely, undeniably, unabashedly- an introvert. Left to my own devices, and if not for the regular prodding encouragement from my extrovert-husband, I’d likely be a hermit. I like boring. I like alone. I like… tapioca pudding, and cats, and [full disclosure] Dawson’s Creek.

(I am not selling myself well)

But in spite of my strong inclination to lonerism, there is one universal truth that I can no longer avoid acknowledging: people need to connect with other people. And much to my dismay, I am a people. A real negative-nancy, curmudgeon, sourpuss-bellyaching-crabby-pants… but fundamentally human, all the same.

There are good things about me, as evidenced by the fact that I do have friends who appear to like me and an exceptional, winner-husband of (at the time of this post) nearly eight years. All of those good things escape me at the moment, except for this:

I can make food. Tasty, mouth-climax-inducing, food. And I love to do it! I enjoy the meal planning, and searching for new recipes and ideas, and the challenge of a new recipe or technique. The eating part doesn’t suck, either. But the funny thing about life pursuits is that they’re next to meaningless in isolation. Turns out, music needs to be heard, and paintings need to be seen. And dag-nabbit, the world needs my special BLT (we’ll get to that one, promise).

Back to the human thing. I am writing this blog to connect with you, food enthusiast.  You’ve landed on this blog because we have interests in common, and I suppose that means that you are, on some level, looking to connect also. I hope that you’ll keep coming back, and I hope that we learn from each other as we explore new levels of scrumptiousness together.

Kindred tummies,

Kirsten Hendrickson



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